A Louisiana native, Skyy is a rare singer/songwriter and multi-creative with epic talent. Commanding stages since the age of 3, he has been honing a deeply unique and magnetic sound across the arc of his entire life. His bayou style can aptly be described a ‘gumbo’ of American sound, with a perfectly blended influence of Folk, Soul and Rock.

Born into a family of soul singers, Emmett spent his adolescence performing in the gospel/soul world, but as he grew older, he knew in his heart that he could not thrive and develop as an artist solely in this genre. He was always self aware that he did not completely fit into a particular style or that proverbial box of the lifestyle that surrounded him growing up in Louisiana. Feeling limited in this environment, prompted a move to Los Angeles for better opportunities to pursue his passion for creating music, art, and fashion that would be specific to his own identity.

Upon his arrival to LA.. It was during this time, that he began to understand and embrace his truth, which formulated the themes that have become the basis for the voice of his creativity and purpose.

Honing his musical style and sound, he has collaborated most recently with producer / songwriters, Bleu McAuley, Chris Seefried, Jeff Trott and Louise Goffin.  Emmett’s music does not fit into one genre but rather is a reflection of his widely diverse musical palate, drawing inspiration from artists like John Lennon, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Thom Yorke, Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix..

In consort with his music, he has begun designing a line of jewelry, clothing and accessories. In both music and fashion, Emmett’s hope is to use these platforms to speak to the world and inspire the world to realize their Truth.

It’s not about me. It’s not about the fame.  It’s about creating a conversation to inspire the world to give and receive love.”

2018- Currently 
Creative/Influencer partnership with BMWGROUPCULTURE/ BMWUSA

2015 GRAMMY awards and Grammy Salutes Stevie Wonder with Beyoncé 
2016 Solo Debut at The GRAMMY Museum•Featured in 2017 International LG commerical 
Featured in 2018 International LG commercial ( Reinstated)

Featured in 2018 Alaska Airlines commerical 
Featured in 2019 LA Tourism commercial 
Featured in 2019 Netflix Animation Motown Magic Executive produced by Smokey Robinson

Emmett Skyy Studio presents Hum collection of Jewelry capsule that was released at Fred Segal 2018 Co-design collaborator with Edward Avedis (jewelry) Also, an exclusive Japanese bandana collection.. Currently, working on a hat line

Clothing partnership with Leather Jacket company Lthjkt.com and Japanese clothing brand Prospectiveflow.com

Management:  The Skyy Alliance LLC  310.927.6826   emmettskyy@gmail.com