Singer Songwriter / Host of Amazon's OVERNIGHT SUCCESS Series 2017 / Vocals on Netflix Series MOTOWN MAGIC 2018



The American singer-songwriter began his singing career as a young child performing in church choirs, singing groups and talent shows, with guidance from his mother, Cheryl Spooner, who is also a talented singer-songwriter.

Skyy started a R&B group called THRU (Time Has Revealed US) making a buzz in their local market. However THRU took a dark turn when the youngest member of their group was murdered on his way home to Baton Rouge from a recording session in Houston. The band decided to discontinue their efforts mourning the loss of their friend, making way for Emmett to create a new musical destiny for himself.

Emmett continued to write and sing, however he also dipped his toes in the business of music, fashion and marketing, slowly building his repertoire of learning everything he could about the entertainment industry. He’s currently based in Los Angeles, continuing to shape the "Skyy Experience".  

2017 is a dynamic year in Skyy's professional life.  He deftly balances his roles on Amazon and Netflix series, Overnight Success and Motown Magic respectively.  In addition he has expanded his music and songwriting skills, pumping out deep rock ballads intertwined with driving beats.  He has also recently shot with world renowned photographer Davis Factor.

Management:  David L. Waechter, President, Imagine Music LLC  646-241-3722   david.waechter@gmail.com